Collaboration between the Institute of Biology (SZTE) and the Institut Pasteur

It is our pleasure to announce that a cooperation between the Institute of Biology (SZTE) and the Institute Pasteur has been established this year, which provides an excellent opportunity for our colleges and students to improve their knowledge and gain tons of experience from the world's leading scientists.

Education at the Institut Pasteur in the 21th century

The education provided by Institut Pasteur aims to train outstanding scientists for the benefit of the entire world. It is supported by a high structured local, national and international organisation, driven by high-level scientists.

The courses, as well as the initial and continuing training, have thus earned an important international reputation and contribute to attracting the great talents of today and tomorrow.

Since july 1, 2021 the Institut Pasteur has been a partner research organisation of the Université Paris Cité.


International fellowships and mobility aids

The Institut Pasteur Department of International Affairs and the Pasteur Network propose to students, researchers and technicians different funding programmes to encourage their research, develop news techniques and benefit from academic international collaborations.


Each year the Pasteur Network runs some twenty regional and international courses as well as other calls for projects.


An Education Center at the forefront of scientific innovation

The Institut Pasteur’s Education Center has been part of the legacy of its founder, Louis Pasteur, since Émile Roux’s first "Technical Microbiology” course in 1889. Every year, over 1,200 students, PhD students and professionals from around 80 countries attend one of the 50 courses and workshops run at the Institut Pasteur. More than 700 early career scientists are also hosted by laboratories on the Paris campus to receive training in research and complete their undergraduate, Master’s and PhD research projects. This makes the Institut Pasteur a major stakeholder when it comes to training young scientists through research.

The following are offered at the Education Center or on the Institut Pasteur campus:

  • classes and workshops, on many scientific topics, half of which focus on public health issues. The Institut Pasteur also works with the French National Conservatory of Arts and Trades (CNAM) at the Pasteur-CNAM School of Public Health.
  • predoctoral and doctoral courses, for which the Institut Pasteur has entered into successful partnerships with French (Paris Descartes, Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris Diderot, Paris-Sud, Paris Sciences et Lettres) and international universities.
  • online courses (MOOCs and SPOCs).

International scope

The Institut Pasteur is internationally renowned for the quality of its teaching programs. The emphasis on practical aspects appeals to students and professionals in science or medicine wishing to top up their degree programs or expand their professional expertise.

Partnerships with international universities and exchanges under the Erasmus program are growing steadily. Over 65 nationalities meet at the Education Center and on campus each year.

Resolutely outward-looking, the Institut Pasteur continues to transfer knowledge through training opportunities within the Pasteur Network, in partnership with local and French universities.

If you are interested in a visit to the Institut Pasteur, please have a look at the following websites:

Friss Hírek

A tudás titkos kertje című kiállítás megnyitóján. Fotó: Kovács-Jerney Ádám

A Szegedi Tudományegyetem egyik legrégibb ősnyomtatványa, egy 1483-ban kiadott természetrajzi munka és több száz muzeális értékű könyv is része annak a kollekciónak, amely a Növénytani Intézet Gyűjtemény néven vált elérhetővé az SZTE Klebelsberg Könyvtárban. A régi könyvekből A tudás titkos kertje címmel kiállítást is válogattak a könyvtár és az SZTE Növénybiológiai Tanszék munkatársai.